The Phone of the Wind

Installation based on the documentary The Phone of the Wind.

– Wood, fabric, paint, LED strip
– “Hacked” old phone
– Video projector
– Arduino
– Audio and projection mapping in Max & Jitter
– Pressure sensor

6 audio channels
– Phone handset
– Bass tranducer
– 4 speakers for ambience

In the installation you will experience the moving one-way conversations between people who lost their loved ones in the 2011 Tsunami in Japan, and the ones they lost.
You will sit right in front the silhuet of the person, and hear their voice through the phone.

My goal was to turn the documentary into an immersive experience, and get even closer to the core message of the documentary.

To achieve this, I designed the room to be as simple as possible. A completely white phone booth with a black phone. No unnecessary visual distractions, except a carefully designed sign, to ease the guest into the experience. This gives an idea of what is going to happen and avoids confusion and frustration.

To make the experience immersive and realistic, the footsteps of the person entering is played back from a speaker on the floor 1,5 meters behind the “screen”.
The same footsteps is played back in a bass transducer mounted underneath the floor.
The combination of visual, audible and tactile sensory input, makes it very believable.

Video and sound sequencing of 5 videos and projection mapping is programmed in Max4live and Jitter.

A Teensy is used as interface between the computer and switch in the floor and the phone. The teensy also controls the dimming of LED light in the phone booth and on the sign.

Interactive installation at Sorø Artmuseum
10 channel audiovisual installation