The Crazy Tunnel

Sci-fi racing game.
Made in the spring of 2020 at Sonic College as my final project in the game audio course.

I basically did everything myself, with some technical assisance from teachers.

The goal was to make a dark game with big contrasts in speed and the feeling of space.
Some of the visual elements were inspired by the Simogo game Sayonara Wild Hearts

Game engine – Unity
Audio implementation – Fmod (audio middleware)
Sound design & music – Ableton & Logic Pro X
3D Objects – Blender
One of the unexpected challenges, was the time consuming design of levels. The placement of obstacles and pickups had to be done in an order and interval that made the gameplay fun.

I started out placing the elements manually in unity, then switching to game mode to see if it felt good. Then back to edit a little. All day.
Then i got the idea to make a script that would instanciate the different game objects at the players current position in game mode, by pressing a key.
Then i would be able to run through the empty level, controlling the player with WASD, trying to imagine where the element should be, and hitting keys with my right hand to instanciate the corresponding objects.

This imidiately gave a more natrual feel when playing the level afterwards, and was generally a simple tool that made a massive improvement on time consumption and design quality. Eureka!
Rebuild vintage suitcase with speakers, amplifier and battery